Cheryl holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Communication Design & Illustration from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. With a knack for combining traditional illustration and graphic design, she produces work that is both unique and engaging. Her ability to effectively work in a variety of different media also affords her creative flexibility and the opportunity for a fresh approach to each project. In addition, Cheryl often includes hand-done typography in her design, a skill and passion that still lingers from her 15-year career as a freelance calligrapher and extensive calligraphy and related book art studies. While she loves having her Mac in her artist “tool box,” she does admit that there will always be a special place in her heart for the organic simplicity of a splash of lively watercolor and good old-fashioned pencil on paper. “I’ve never met an art medium I didn’t like. It’s like being a kid in a candy store,” she says. “They’re all irresistible, and I find it impossible to taste just one.”